We are creatures of habit. Most of us have a tendency to prefer things to stay the way they are. So, when change comes to our everyday lives, to our workplaces or to our families we are often daunted by the prospect of having to find a new way of living well again.

My practice helps both corporate and private clients to understand more about the deeply personal psychology that lies at the heart of successful change and transition. Such milestone events as…

  • Taking on leadership responsibilities
  • Coping with redundancy
  • Living a fulfilling life in retirement
  • Getting back on track after divorce
  • Reconfiguring life after the children leave home
  • Building a successful career strategy

Successful people are constantly learning, adapting and expanding their repertoire of skills. They are curious about the world, the thoughts and emotions of others and in particular about themselves and the impact they make.  If you are ready to work with me as your personal coach, or as a consultant to your organisation you can always expect …

A pragmatic, realistic partnership with an experienced psychologist who knows all the theories but always puts your agenda first.

Acute visual observations on nuances, connections and patterns which will provide you with valuable feedback that doesn’t crush your confidence, helping you to be more aware of the impact you make.

Constructive conversations and penetrating questions that challenge your thinking and help you to be clearer about your goals.

New ideas to enhance your problem-solving skills and creativity, developed from continuously working with new perspectives, across generations, across disciplines and across cultures.

A professional relationship based on relentless curiosity, positive intention and kindness.

Current, credible knowledge of what it takes to succeed in today’s global market.

A quality consultancy service that pays attention to detail, is trustworthy, ethical and clear in terms of contractual obligations.