Everything to do with business performance is best leveraged when employees are engaged, aligned and motivated.

Ownership, accountability and continuous learning is what makes a performance culture. 

Good quality relationships lead to commitment.

And yet … leaders don’t always know the whole truth about their emotional impact within the organisation.

High quality coaching support for your leaders will help them see what others miss and increase their effectiveness in leading change and transforming your culture.

Key questions for addressing performance issues in your business:

  • Is your corporate culture aligned with your branding and strategic plans?
  • Do people enjoy coming to work in the morning? Get a clearer view of the level of engagement and enthusiasm in your workforce.
  • How far ahead are you looking, how healthy is your talent pipeline and your succession planning process?
  • Are you leveraging talent at all levels of your organisation? Do you have an approach to learning where potential is supported and nurtured by sharing of ideas and information?
  • Do you need coaching support for key employees who may be over-dependent on old skills when turbulent conditions call for new ones?

How I add value to our Professional Partnership:

  • Global insights, tools and techniques that work, when you need them.
  • Current, credible, effective advice on the basic drivers of human behaviour and the hidden dynamics of organisations.
  • Development programmes that enhance self-efficacy and build on individual strengths.
  • Specialist expertise in the power of conversations to change the outcome in organisations.
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity that optimise cross cultural, cross disciplinary and cross generational understanding.
  • Current, robust world class connections with internationally recognised universities, business schools and centres of excellence so that shared knowledge is up to date and relevant.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the commercial drivers of successful business and how these relate to the engagement and motivation of employees.
  • Experience and skills in recruitment, retention and talent management in a global context, professional, well qualified and experienced in HR and OD.

Three ways of working

1.   As a leadership coach, working with your high-achieving individuals on personal and organisational success strategies.

2.    Retained as your in-house Business Psychologist so you can contact me throughout the year for advice, insights, guidance.

3.   As a member of a project team for targeted professional psychological input for a defined period, when you need it.

  • For solution-focused programmes. Advice, design and implementation of  employee development initiatives at all levels.
  • For when you need an extra pair of hands to implement existing initiatives.