Are you where you want to be in your career?

Find out what could be better.

I can help you to define success in your terms, and then I can help you to work out how to achieve it.

Together we cover perspectives you might otherwise miss and address questions you might not think to ask so that you are better informed, better prepared and heading in the right direction.

Using insights from current psychological theory, yet essentially taking a very pragmatic approach, I encourage systemic thinking so that you can consider the wider impact of your choices and can begin to investigate different ways of approaching new and challenging situations.

The goal is always to help you to build a wider range of skills on which you can draw and to broaden your range of effective behaviours so that you can feel better prepared for your working life and more confident in setting and achieving your goals.

Through a rigorous focus on you and your strengths, and by exercises to reinforce your learning …

  • You will learn new techniques and tools that really work.
  • Work will become more meaningful.
  • You will receive valuable, constructive feedback to improve your effectiveness.
  • You will work out how you can prioritise your time.
  • I will be a sounding board as you consider the way ahead and start to build your future step by step.
  • You will become more aware of your hidden potential in your situation and in your resources.

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