Whatever stage you are at in your career building there are often big decisions involved that can feel daunting. Building your self-confidence and resilience will help you to address many important questions with an increased belief in yourself and your abilities.

…questions such as:

  • How can I feel more motivated to move into a job I love after university or school?
  • How can I deal with difficult people?
  • How can I make more of an impact?
  • How do I develop my personal brand? How do I promote myself in image, pictures and text on my website and in person?
  • How do I make the right decision about home/work balance, now that I have a baby?
  • How do I create an effective job finding strategy now that I have decided to change careers?
  • How am I going to make sure my retirement years are interesting, fulfilling and engaging?

Sometimes we just keep doing what we know how to do, but new situations bring opportunities for change.

Contact me to help you become clearer about the best way forward, staying connected to what matters most to you and focusing on what aspects of behaviour bring you the best results.

Programmes will be tailor made to your specific requirements, and be a combination of action and reflection sessions held over a period of time that suits your situation and your budget.

You will be in a safe environment with kind and understanding support, you will have an opportunity to try new ways of responding, reacting and behaving. As a result you will experience a gradual increase in your confidence levels as you notice the impact that these small changes can make for yourself and others.

Fees reflect the structure of the programme.