The breakdown of a relationship rates very high on our personal emotional scale. It is usually painful and can be devastating for at least one of the partners, and can have long lasting implications for the children.

In the emotional context of divorce it is not uncommon for communication between partners to break down completely. As a consequence some of the biggest decisions affecting the family are put in the hands of legal advisors and ultimately the courts.

Divorce coaching is designed to enable clients to take an active role in the legal separation process. Helping them to create a realistic strategy for the future, to make informed decisions in the best interests of their children and themselves and to look back on their behaviour during the divorce with integrity and self respect.

For couples who are looking for ways to reach agreement without having to make applications to a court, the growing popularity of Collaborative Practice is now an alternative route.

In Collaborative Practice the intention is to resolve all the issues through face to face discussions between both partners in the company of their their legal advisors and with the input and support of other relevant professionals where required.

I work with clients offering a confidential sounding board and emotional support as they plan their approach to the Collaborative Practice process.

Time spent with a divorce coach during this stressful time can be extremely valuable. It ensures a greater level of preparedness in responding to the range of issues that will come up and results in higher confidence levels for clients and increased clarity during their divorce related discussions.

Divorce can mark a trigger point that affects a person’s identity. It can also offer unexpected opportunities for change.

I also work with clients after their divorce, offering practical and empathetic coaching as they move through their transition into the next chapter of their lives.

See the section on 100 days Coaching to read more about how my coaching can offer inspiration, guidance and support to those who are ready to move on and find the potential in their new situation.