Getting to know yourself can change everything.

If you have ever been curious about coaching but not yet worked with a professional coach, read on…

My 100 day coaching program includes at least 18 hours of one to one conversations and a whole host of helpful exercises, insights and techniques to inspire and guide you.

100 days is just the right length of time for you to find out that working confidentially with a trusted professional can bring life enhancing benefits. Here’s how…

When the pattern of life changes unexpectedly, or when plans for the future have to be rebuilt or reconfigured, Coaching provides a fantastic opportunity for growth, self-insight and learning. It is a source of confidential, constructive and helpful feedback. It gives you a chance to concentrate on yourself and to examine what might need to change so that you can live your life with a renewed sense of achievement and enjoyment.

Through tailored coaching sessions that always start with your immediate concerns you will increase your self awareness and begin to understand more about your responses and reactions to life..

Investing time in learning more about how to build your resources will widen your perspective and change the way you see the future. There are constant opportunities to learn how to make more of what you have and to engage the problems you face with multiple perspectives. To be flexible rather than rigid, to be emotionally and culturally intelligent as opposed to dogmatic.

As you are guided and supported through tailored coaching sessions you will learn to use your daily experiences as a starting point for exploring new options and perspectives.

When you start to focus and discover new potential in your situation you will find that this deliberate action orientated process of curiosity and exploration will help you to figure out how to build a better future and create a new, fulfilling sense of purpose as you move from one chapter of your life to another.

  • To understand more about what drives your thinking, your choices and your actions
  • To be clearer about what you want out of life
  • To improve your decision-making skills
  • To become more action-oriented
  • To express yourself more clearly
  • To use a range of new tools and techniques to assess your impact and effectiveness
  • To look at problems from a number of perspectives
  • To find wins across multiple areas of life
  • To become more resilient
  • To strengthen your resolve and increase your motivation and sense of purpose

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